VMware VCP Recertification Requirements 

On March 10, 2014 VMware announced an update to their certification policy in response to the need to ensure VMware Certified Professionals are keeping their skills up to date.  Now re-certifying on the technology every 2 years from the date of initial VCP certification is required. The purpose of this policy was to address the changes taking place in the virtual technologies eco-system and ensure those who hold the VCP certification are up to date on the latest developments of VMware’s products.  In addition to the changes and upgrades occurring in newer versions of VMware’s products, the exams have changed as well, requiring professionals to have a working knowledge of features available inside different licensing levels of VMware products that are not necessarily part of the day to day aspects of the administrators job, in order to pass the challenging exams and re-certify on the technology.

VCP Recertification Process

  • You will be notified that your VCP certification is due to expire via the email associated with your MyLearn account. Your transcript will also show the dates your VCP certification is valid.
  • To recertify, you must pass any VCP or higher-level exam within two years of earning your most recent VCP certification.
  • Failure to recertify by the required date will result in revocation of your VCP certification.
  • If your VCP certification is revoked, you will lose access to the VCP portal and your right to market yourself as certified for that certification, which includes the use of VMware certification logos. Also, your transcript will reflect that your VCP certification is no longer valid.
  • If you would like to re-earn a VCP certification for which you have been decertified, you must satisfy the same prerequisites as any candidate attempting to earn that certification for the first time

Virtual Retraining & Test Prep

PassTheVCP.com ‘s virtual training provides world class instructor lead training and test preparation on our world class virtual classroom platform.  With the VMware Professional Boot Camp you get the same industry-respected content and hands-on labs as our corresponding classroom-based courses without having to travel to a training facility.

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The purpose of the VCP recertification program is to help current and past VCP certification holders prepare for VCP recertification through professional development training and exam test preparation.  Utilizing our proprietary curriculum and test preparation platform, students are able to re-tool and learn the latest developments inside the current version of VMware’s products.